Ridwan Kamil’s response to the rise of Crime Action in GBLA

Ridwan Kamil’s response to the rise of Crime Action in GBLA

Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil responded about the unrest experienced by bobotoh (supporters Persib) related to the use of Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA).

GBLA stadium is used as a cage Persib in the first round of League 1 this season.

One of the concerns expressed bobotoh is a matter of convenience outside the stadium.

The rise of criminal action outside the stadium often makes the audience uneasy, ranging from vehicle theft to theft of motor parts.

Related to that, Ridwan explained, the unrest has been submitted to the police. From police information, said Ridwan, many criminals in GBLA have been arrested.

“I have already submitted it to the police and Denpom as well,” said Emil, the familiar greeting of Ridwan Kamil, at the City Hall of Bandung, Jalan Dalemkaum, Wednesday (19/7 / 2017) afternoon.

“So, in conclusion, we do not allow, every things (reports), the police always follow up,” he said.

Earlier, on the occasion also, Emil said that GBLA stadium design tends to be over protective. It is recognized Emil often make the audience uncomfortable while watching the game.

“So GBLA’s design is too protective to make viewers uncomfortable watching in the stands, it must be admitted that the GBLA stadium’s guardrail is too high, the viewpoint is uncomfortable,” he said.

Responding to bobotoh complaints about the poor public facilities at the GBLA stadium, Emil promised to immediately make improvements.

“The stadium should look from the perspective of the audience, we will repair it later and other facilities,” he said.



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