AFF U-18 Cup, U-19 National Team Practice in the Department of Commerce

AFF U-18 Cup, U-19 National Team Practice in the Department of Commerce

Indonesia U-19 national team will hold an exercise at Padonmar Stadium, Yangon, on Monday (10/09/2017) at 16:00 local time.

This exercise is the final preparation for Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends before fighting Vietnam in the third match of the AFF U-18 Cup held at Thuwuna Stadium on Monday.

About half an hour before practice, is already present at the stadium. The stadium belongs to the old stadium because it was built since 1962.

In addition to the old, the stadium is fairly unique. Typically, stadiums are built in sports complexes. However, the stadium is the venue for various age competitions such as MNL Youth U-21 League Competition, MNL II Max Cement, and MNL Youth U-19 League Competition is located in the market area.

The streets around Padonmar Stadium, Yangon, Indonesia U-19 national team practice at AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar.

Do not be surprised if entering this stadium must queue when using the vehicle because the road is narrow. It’s a one-way street, on the left and right side of the vehicle parking lot.
The stadium also stands parallel to a row of shops, like a make-up shop on the left side and a DVD store. In front of it, there is a wide variety of typical Myanmar restaurants or restaurants that serve Korean food.

Despite being in the shopping district, the stadium atmosphere is not noisy, to the extent that a black crow’s voice can be heard.

Losing the Strip, Heri Kiswanto Stepping Down from Persela

Losing the Strip, Heri Kiswanto Stepping Down from Persela

Heri Kiswanto chose to resign from his position as head coach Persela Lamongan Bandar Bola. One of the reasons Herkis, as he is commonly called, took the decision because a series of poor results achieved by Persela in the second round of League 1.

In addition, Persela fans also continue to urge the former coach PSS Sleman to retreat. They made #Herikisout # tags when commenting on Persela’s social media account.

Indeed, the performance of teams nicknamed Laskar Joko Tingkir is very decreased compared to the appearance during the first round. Persela suffered the most losing streak along the way in League 1, having never earned points in the last five games.

In the first round, Laskar Joko Tingkir able to occupy the top 10 standings. Currently they have to go down five ranks, occupying the 15th position standings with Raihan 24 points.

Thus, Herkis added to the long list of coaches who retired from his post before League 1 2017 ended. He became the 13th coach in League 1 to leave office.

Arema Prepare the Best Player For Persib Persib

Arema Prepare the Best Player For Persib Persib

Arema FC is hungry for victory when host Persib Bandung in the League continued 1st week of 19th at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (12/08/2017) tonight. Three points so the price died because Arema FC has been famine win since facing Persegres 12 July.

In addition, Joko Susilo’s team also wanted to present a special gift for Arema FC on its 30th anniversary. Moreover, the game will be very prestigious because able to beat Persib Bandung just crowned as the ruler of blue jersey.

“The moment is pretty good if we are able to achieve full points from tomorrow’s game, confidence and supporters’ trust and mentality will surely increase sharply if the result is satisfactory,” said Arema coach Joko Susilo.

This Cepu-born man confirms players will fight as hard as possible by lowering all the best squad. The new spirit in the second round is expected to eliminate the negative trends that exist in Arema.

“Who is down we just see tonight, obviously all players ready to go down, including our new players, Ahmet Atayev was ready to take part if it is felt we need to lower,” said Joko.

Meanwhile, the approval of the use of labor asjng (IMTA) Ahmet also been obtained, most likely important game tonight also became his first debut in Indonesia and in Arema.

“The good condition of the team and the support of Aremania will certainly be a pressure for Persib, with good capital, we are sure to get three points,” he said.

Ridwan Kamil’s response to the rise of Crime Action in GBLA

Ridwan Kamil’s response to the rise of Crime Action in GBLA

Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil responded about the unrest experienced by bobotoh (supporters Persib) related to the use of Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA).

GBLA stadium is used as a cage Persib in the first round of League 1 this season.

One of the concerns expressed bobotoh is a matter of convenience outside the stadium.

The rise of criminal action outside the stadium often makes the audience uneasy, ranging from vehicle theft to theft of motor parts.

Related to that, Ridwan explained, the unrest has been submitted to the police. From police information, said Ridwan, many criminals in GBLA have been arrested.

“I have already submitted it to the police and Denpom as well,” said Emil, the familiar greeting of Ridwan Kamil, at the City Hall of Bandung, Jalan Dalemkaum, Wednesday (19/7 / 2017) afternoon.

“So, in conclusion, we do not allow, every things (reports), the police always follow up,” he said.

Earlier, on the occasion also, Emil said that GBLA stadium design tends to be over protective. It is recognized Emil often make the audience uncomfortable while watching the game.

“So GBLA’s design is too protective to make viewers uncomfortable watching in the stands, it must be admitted that the GBLA stadium’s guardrail is too high, the viewpoint is uncomfortable,” he said.

Responding to bobotoh complaints about the poor public facilities at the GBLA stadium, Emil promised to immediately make improvements.

“The stadium should look from the perspective of the audience, we will repair it later and other facilities,” he said.