Carrera: Thank you Conte

Carrera: Thank you Conte

Spartak Moscow coach Massimo Carrera sees his side’s success with a draw from Liverpool, thanks to support from Chelsea manager Antonio Conte Agen Bola Sbobet.

Carrera admitted before the game, he asked for advice from the Italian coach in the face of care team Jurgen Klopp.

Earlier Wednesday, in the Champions League Group E phase, Spartak scored only 1-1 on the Reds, thanks to goals from Fernando and offset by Philippe Coutinho.

Although only able to achieve the results of the series, Carrera claimed to be satisfied to withstand a draw club of Liverpool, last night.

Not only that, Carrera also give praise to the players who always look good and the maximum performance in front of thousands of fans.

Carrera said, “Before the match, I had time to ask for an opinion with Conte. During the meet, we talked about the quality of Liverpool. ”

“I also asked Conte’s advice to face Liverpool classmates. But not only that, we also discuss about our team, vacations and personal affairs. ”

“I’m not disappointed with Spartak’s final result. I think reaching the draw against Liverpool is a great thing. Thank you Conte. “

Emre Can Target Many Goals

Emre Can Target Many Goals

Liverpool midfielder Emre Can is determined this summer can often record his name on the scoreboard for his team.

So far the contribution of the German national team retainer with the Reds is quite successful under the direction of Jurgen Klopp where in addition to helping penetrate the two final matches such as the Europa League and also the League Cup two seasons ago. Last season he brought the Merseyside club from the big four.

However, former Bayer Leverkusesn player who has appeared four games in the Premier League this summer wants to score many goals after successfully scored two goals against Hoffenheim last month in Champions League qualification so he hopes more than the previous year which is only five goals.

“I think I have done well but I can do better,” Emre Can told the media.

“I have scored two goals. I have the feeling that I can score more goals, have more assists and survive better.

“But I feel, I feel fit and hopefully can help the team, I always try to help the team, that’s what matters. I try to get into the opponent’s penalty box more often because the coach expects him from the field.

“When someone passes or play ball in the opposite area, then I try to be there.”

Fellaini Rejects New Contract from MU

Fellaini Rejects New Contract from MU

The future of midfielder Marouane Fellaini at Manchester United (MU) leaves a big question mark. The Belgian man reportedly had turned down a new contract offer from the Red Devils.

Fellaini contract with MU will run out in June 2018. United manager Jose Mourinho is very fond of the frizz player. Mourinho Fellaini rate important figure for MU.

Therefore Mourinho wants MU to immediately extend the 29-year-old player’s contract. MU has opened talks with representatives of former Everton players.

MU offers a new contract for a year because Fellaini will enter the age of 30 in November. According to the Daily Mail report, MU’s offer was rejected by Fellaini.

Fellaini wants MU to give the contract more than one season. Fellaini now chooses to wait for a better offer.

In the transfer market last summer, Fellaini was widely rumored to be moving clubs. He is in demand by Turkish club Fenerbahce.

Ronaldo: Real Madrid ready to face any club

Ronaldo: Real Madrid ready to face any club

Portuguese star Mega, Cristiano Ronaldo, insists that his club Real Madrid are ready to face anyone in the Champions League Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

On Thursday morning, CR7 scored two goals while helping El Real to a 3-0 victory over his opponent APOEL.

In addition Ronaldo also feel very confident Madrid will again win the Champions League title this season.

In an interview, Ronaldo said, “I personally feel confident Madrid are not afraid of facing anyone in the Champions League.”

“I myself will keep trying to give the best for Madrid. Of course want to re-hold the Champions League trophy. ”

“And I will continue to score many goals for Madrid.”

AFF U-18 Cup, U-19 National Team Practice in the Department of Commerce

AFF U-18 Cup, U-19 National Team Practice in the Department of Commerce

Indonesia U-19 national team will hold an exercise at Padonmar Stadium, Yangon, on Monday (10/09/2017) at 16:00 local time.

This exercise is the final preparation for Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends before fighting Vietnam in the third match of the AFF U-18 Cup held at Thuwuna Stadium on Monday.

About half an hour before practice, is already present at the stadium. The stadium belongs to the old stadium because it was built since 1962.

In addition to the old, the stadium is fairly unique. Typically, stadiums are built in sports complexes. However, the stadium is the venue for various age competitions such as MNL Youth U-21 League Competition, MNL II Max Cement, and MNL Youth U-19 League Competition is located in the market area.

The streets around Padonmar Stadium, Yangon, Indonesia U-19 national team practice at AFF Cup U-18 Myanmar.

Do not be surprised if entering this stadium must queue when using the vehicle because the road is narrow. It’s a one-way street, on the left and right side of the vehicle parking lot.
The stadium also stands parallel to a row of shops, like a make-up shop on the left side and a DVD store. In front of it, there is a wide variety of typical Myanmar restaurants or restaurants that serve Korean food.

Despite being in the shopping district, the stadium atmosphere is not noisy, to the extent that a black crow’s voice can be heard.

Hajar Arsenal, Stoke City Pede Defender MU Gebuk

Hajar Arsenal, Stoke City Pede Defender MU Gebuk

Stoke City defender Kevin Wimmer is optimistic his team can beat Manchester United (MU) at Bet365 Stadium on Saturday (9/7/2017) in the Premier League continued.

Wimmer is optimistic that Stoke City beat Arsenal 1-0 at Bet365 Stadium on 19 August. Stoke City’s winning goal scored by Jese Rodriguez.

“I know the home game against Manchester United (MU) will be difficult, but we showed something against Arsenal, we can do it,” Wimmer said.

In addition, Manchester United have a bad record every fight at home to Stoke City in the last four seasons. Jose Mourinho’s team had four seasons never won at Bet365 Stadium.

Of the four games at home to Stoke City, Manchester United swallowed two defeats and won two draws. Red Devils last time was at home to Stoke City on December 19, 2013. At that time, Manchester United won two goals without reply.

“I think we can beat the big team at home party, I hope all players are ready to host MU here,” said the 24-year-old defender.

Losing the Strip, Heri Kiswanto Stepping Down from Persela

Losing the Strip, Heri Kiswanto Stepping Down from Persela

Heri Kiswanto chose to resign from his position as head coach Persela Lamongan Bandar Bola. One of the reasons Herkis, as he is commonly called, took the decision because a series of poor results achieved by Persela in the second round of League 1.

In addition, Persela fans also continue to urge the former coach PSS Sleman to retreat. They made #Herikisout # tags when commenting on Persela’s social media account.

Indeed, the performance of teams nicknamed Laskar Joko Tingkir is very decreased compared to the appearance during the first round. Persela suffered the most losing streak along the way in League 1, having never earned points in the last five games.

In the first round, Laskar Joko Tingkir able to occupy the top 10 standings. Currently they have to go down five ranks, occupying the 15th position standings with Raihan 24 points.

Thus, Herkis added to the long list of coaches who retired from his post before League 1 2017 ended. He became the 13th coach in League 1 to leave office.

Thomas Lemar Soon Official Join Arsenal?

Thomas Lemar Soon Official Join Arsenal?

US midfielder Monaco, Thomas Lemar, is rumored to be joining Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal team.

After struggling long enough to bring the players, now the Les Rouge and the Gunners have made an agreement.

Monaco has now agreed to release its flagship player with a transfer fee of 92 million pounds sterling to Arsenal.

Although many think the price given by Arsenal is too expensive for Lemar, Wenger still believes the French player is able to become the best in Arenal.